Mobile Aquatic Therapy

About Mobile Aquatic Therapy

Mobile Aquatic Therapy (MAT) was designed and implemented by Chicago-based aquatic systems company, Something Fishy Inc. MAT is an all-inclusive program which provides patients within hospital settings a way to enjoy and benefit from a state-of-the-art hospital grade mobile aquarium which can travel to anywhere it is needed most.

Our mission at Something Fishy is to offer not just an aquatic system for our clients – but an experience through our unique designs, therapeutic components, and educational content. We focus on building strong relationships with clients so we can achieve aquatic systems which leave long-lasting impressions



Hospital Equipped



Our focus is to provide a MAT unit that fits within a hospital setting while also standing out with its array of colors and movement. We are confident a MAT unit will safely provide relaxation, tranquility and ultimately, pure enjoyment ? from the specifically designed thermal-wrapped medical grade panels to the built-in UV sterilization located within the filtration system.






While MAT is nowhere near the simplicity of a standard household lamp, the effort it will take staff members to maintain it is comparable. The aquarium is serviced weekly to ensure a MAT unit is looking its best at all times and to be sure the animals within the aquarium are always in perfect health.

log system on iphone

Further, once a technician completes a service, they submit a web-based log of any work that was performed during an individual service. These logs can be sent to any contacts to show that proper health standards are being met at all times as a unit moves around within a facility. Health and safety will always remain our number one concern.





Attention to detail knows no bounds when it comes to the artificial reef our fishy friends call home. We know the importance of being environmentally conscious, especially when it comes to our oceans and coral reefs. Each MAT unit comes with a beautiful custom coral insert designed by the artists at Poseidon Construction in California. These custom works of art can be seen from Los Angeles, California to Macau, China, and everywhere in between.

To learn more about the vastly creative design Poseidon Construction has worked on around the world, visit them at




For any aquarium, it will only look as good as the glass you look through will allow it. MAT doesn?t use any ordinary glass but high quality cast acrylic glass. Allowing for better light penetration and overall clarity, each MAT unit is carefully and meticulously manufactured by Titan Aquatic Exhibits in Arizona. While MAT may not compare in size to the public aquaria exhibits Titan has created, it remains compatible with those same standards.


To learn more about the extraordinary projects being built by Titan Aquatic Exhibits, visit them at

Titan Aquatic Exhibits




Like any good reef, the fish that live amongst the reef aid by showcasing an amazing array of colors. For MAT there are no limits to those colors as we made sure to provide the widest variety of fish from ORA in Florida, a leading aquaculture facility of marine fish and corals since their inception in 1996. Just as we strive to make a positive impact on our environment, we felt it was only necessary to follow suit by making sure each animal introduced to a MAT unit is only tank-bred. No wild-caught animals are used within our program. The results provide not only a positive impact on the environment but offer the happiest of fish swimming within a MAT unit.


To learn more about the impactful research and work being done within the ORA facilities, visit them at





We have only begun to skim the surface of the different types of usages for MAT as an Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) tool. Below are some examples of what a MAT unit can offer as of today:


hospital bed

Where Can MAT Go?

– Patient Rooms
– Family Rooms
– Lobbies
– Procedure Rooms
– Chemotherapy/Radiology
– Emergency Rooms
– Play Rooms
– Staff Space

happy state

How Can MAT Help?

– Procedure Distractions
– Patient Coping
– Patient Therapy Activities
– Educational Content
– Family Coping
– Staff De-Stress






While the real showstopper is the aquatic life within each MAT unit, our program offers so much more than just an aquarium. Meet Mat, our cartoon friend who assists in making activities and education fun. It doesn’t stop there though as we bring along a whole cast of aquatic characters replicated around the actual aquatic life living within the aquariums.