We could try to convince you how great our services are until were ?ocean? blue in the face, but we know what you really want to hear. The thoughts and opinions of our service through our dedicated clients whether it be in a business or residential setting. We take great pride in how our clients feel about not only how their aquariums look on a constant basis but more importantly the overall service experience. From the ?hello, how?ve you been?? to the ?call us if you need anything? we make sure you are one satisfied human being. And isn?t that what we all want?

“Something Fishy has been maintaining our fresh water tank for about 2 years. It always looks beautiful and our fish are thriving.” – Dawn (PHPR)

“The fish tank got remarkably better after Something Fishy took over the maintenance.” – Green Hills Public Library

“Not only has Something Fishy guided our students into creating a salt water reef tank (dubbed the Patriot Reef), but they also coupled their aquarium maintenance with educational sessions about life in the aquarium for our students. In the past four years, Something Fishy has presented to over 500 students and has matched presentations to the Illinois State Standards for Science.” – Dr. Paul McDermott, IJHS

“They are prompt, reliable and always attentive to the needs of our tanks. Recommend them without reservation.” – Dr. Harun Durudogan, D.O

“I would recommend Something Fishy to anyone who owns an aquarium…it makes enjoying your fish so much better!!” – Carol Reda

“Our company has been with them for over a year now and has been very happy with their service. Choose Something Fishy for your fish tank needs and you will be totally satisfied!” – Ellie, Park Lawn

“Something Fishy was very informative throughout the planning process, the installation, and continued to educate us during their scheduled maintenance trips. Their communication between my wife and I was perfect.” – John and Aimee

“Very professional, exceptional service and hard working employees. I would recommend Something Fishy.” – Darcie, MOC

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