Whether you are deciding to go with a freshwater, saltwater, or reef system, we will install everything from the aquarium to the actual d?cor within the aquarium. By making a quick visit, we can inspect where you would like the aquarium to go, making the overall installation quick, clean, and effective. What else could you ask for?


We offer different levels of maintenance depending on the size of your aquarium. It doesn?t matter the type of aquarium (i.e. freshwater or saltwater), just how big and bold you really want to be. The choice is yours and yours alone.

Aquarium Relocation

It?s as simple as this: aquariums are extremely heavy. Add the component of water and you have a brand new ball game. Let us put your mind at ease by relocating your aquarium to a new room, building, or floor. We can put our expensive gym memberships to good use for once.

Emergency Services

When you have an important investment such as a crucial piece of equipment malfunctioning, or more importantly, a prized specimen under the weather, you need someone to rely on in your time of need. This is where we come in; let us put your mind at ease with our emergency services available seven days a week. Who you gonna call? Not the Ghost-Busters?try Something Fishy.

Aquarium Refurbishment

As with any piece of furniture or artwork there are times when your aquarium could use a little touching up. Not only can we refurbish the interior of your aquarium, but we can also help revamp the stand and canopy which can be just as important for aquarium?s appearance. Whether we installed it initially or not, were more than happy to work with you in designing your aquarium for your particular style or room design.

Our Guarantee

We understand the industry in which we work and how to create a successful aquarium. But, more importantly, we know how valuable your time is. Not only do we promise to maintain your aquarium with the highest in quality and professionalism, but are dedicated to leave little or no effort on your part. Furthermore, Something Fishy, Inc. is fully license, insured, and bonded for any job whether it be in your home or business.