There are several excellent types of setups when it comes to freshwater aquariums. You can get as specific as having an aquarium dedicated to a particular species of fish or even a targeted geographical region. The most common setup consists of what is called a ?Community Aquarium.? This setup gives you a nice variety of fish that are relatively passive. Lastly, freshwater aquariums are quite affordable and have a lower constant cost over the lifetime of the aquarium.


Saltwater does an amazing job of turning the head of any individual when they come into your home or business. Whether it comes from the hundreds of different species of animals that can inhabit your aquarium or having the iconic Yellow Tang swimming around in your aquarium, there is no doubt that your aquarium will easily become a focal point of any room.

Reef System

The ultimate when it comes to having an aquarium is the idea of a reef system. Basically, this setup includes fish, various invertebrates (crabs, snails, anemones, etc.), and corals. Usually it becomes built up over a larger period of time, slowly adding pieces to your collection until it becomes a living and priceless piece of art. These setups are very advanced and require a lot of care and patience, but it?s well worth it when you experience your end result